21 August 2014

montreal calling

I play waiting games with air canada

this doesn’t compare with bell,

in the land of endless transfers

at least they don’t play the dribble fare

your call is important to us insists the paid girl voice

please remain on the line,

like please remain in your seat

commands me and I obey,

there may be turbulence ahead

and I wouldn’t want to be caught in the washroom

at my own risk,

I will be answered as soon as possible,

but it doesn’t seem possible,

to reset your monitors,

on this flight,

at least the slightly large man who always wanted to dominate the armrest

moved because of it, I got to stretch out over two seats after,

hooking my daughter up to the laptop instead,

(why didn’t I get the smaller one, this one barely fits)

like the two women behind me,

from ACCESS, who were doing body processes,

and debriefing their group experience behind me,

so curiously and engaging, I had to ask her

after, the flight as we were disembarking,

what is ACCESS? and she said, look it up,

on the net (of course I was already going to do that)

access consciousness dot com, I’m from montreal,

and I already knew, back then,

I wanted to live in Montreal too,

it was my calling,