text messages

i text you i’ll brb

then u send hugs to me

we are proposing to each other on twitter

sending our followers into a dither

come hither, my lover,

fb doesn’t allow me to acknowledge you all

i could make you my sisters you clones of my one

and when you listen my heart beats like a drum

to the beat of one, to the sound of hum

to the tone of none, to the pattern of slum

the magnetic force lifting this muscle a glisten

aorta and spinning, centrifical forces going ballistic

like wmdeeze in sub-arctic strongholds

servers + mainframes and heritage seed stockholds

its hard to imagine a reality so thoughtful

birthing from parents so horribly awful

when we’re told to hussle

you know the ships aren’t coming for us,

the ships are made to distrust,

the scotch the vodka the disstilary on board

you’ll be drinking it b4 you know it

you can’t last long on this ship without it,

you have to resign yourself to the flighted

humans with wings that can’t come undone

singers with songs that can’t be unsung

the hung, the tried, the blued and the blied…

we all cornered him after school, talking and taunting and trying to be cool

on the hunt, not understanding our selves, our hormones or tragectory for the cutest boy in history

some of the lucky ones…

he was an aquarian]

escaped from the sanctuary,

not seeking asylum

the antidote and the antithesis all rolled into one

envision the hum

methodic anti-despotic

nt meaning 2 b e-rotic

in the closet

germ hobbit

dancing so fast u can plot it

maps on gps norad tracking spot it

a mad man in red goes flying thru the skies giving presents

throwing good will to the peasants

but those who can’t afford it are left to grouch

or ask for hand-outs

made to feel bad in a time of least surplus

if global warming is so much in denial

then why was it the most popular phrase of the decade

and why is there a new cure for cancer on every facebook page

when we’re dying of radiation