Tap in to Your Inner Beat

Tap in to Your Inner Beat

Release the beat within.

Your beat is inside you! If I can do it, you can too!

When I started drumming I couldn’t keep the beat. But others showed me how to do it and were patient while I tried. Acceptance by them was key for me. Then I sat alone for many months on a hilltop in the middle of an old growth rainforest and it just came. I realized I had my beat and all my other beats stemmed from that. I’m all for learning other beats but to get a lot out of drumming and share that beat with others I don’t need to learn anything! I just needed to remember.

It’s like talking. It is a language. It is a meditation and a stress reliever. I think it unleashes creativity and encourages your left and right half to interconnect.

Feel comfortable picking up any percussion instrument and adding it to anything you do.

Do you want to add drumming to your life? Would you like to experience a drumming circle and the powerful effect it can have on groups? Need to get something done? Need stress relief? Need to get off the computer and re-set your vision, posture, state of mind and group dynamic?

This is it. Sign up!