Google Poet: Me

Google Poet: Me

google needs poetry because words because key words because people because feelings because poets know people and feelings because preferences because poets know people’s preferences & feelings because crafting control isn’t creating reality & poets have shaped reality in every day and age because stories because it’s all about stories because professionals because professionals need […]

montreal calling

I play waiting games with air canada this doesn’t compare with bell, in the land of endless transfers at least they don’t play the dribble fare your call is important to us insists the paid girl voice please remain on the line, like please remain in your seat commands me and I obey, there may […]


iodine isotopes radiation burns & poisoning oceans attacked by BPoil after a spill trying to mitigate their real costs frost, melting rain reactive pelting flesh eating bacteria and birth defects suppressing information to market protects wrecked, on the beach melting minds with ur weed seeds owned and patented subsuming ancient organic species franken-foods, mind altering […]

a poet in the house

poeTreeKicks started in the forest, on an island off Tofino inlet. bald eagles walked freely on its shores, the worst problem was the bear, my shitter was in an old growth tree, minks cavorted free, it was a place i could be me. where i envisioned this type of house for the works of mine […]